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Go Green, Your Way


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Meet P'Kob

P'Kob (Anunta Intra-aksorn), a Thai artist and former design professor, has been synonymous with sustainable living for over two decades. After seeing first-hand the severe impacts of natural disaster to human life, she has completely reshaped her way of life — replacing harmful products with cleaner alternatives and using art to connect people to nature.

Though she has fully committed to this transition, she understands that her practices may not be suitable for everyone. We all have different needs and are walking different journeys.

Are you a P'Kob or someone who wants to be like P'Kob? Do you carry a water bottle everywhere, use wooden utensils or take public transportation instead of driving?

Many believe that living sustainably can be difficult and expensive - but it doesn't have to be. We can all become eco-friendly in our own way without breaking the bank.

Don't believe us?

Why this matters to Sidekick

Sidekick believes that when we put people at the center of what we do, the right solutions always follow.

As a social impact design studio, we work with people (like P'Kob) who understand the issue first-hand; they can help us design products, campaigns, and services that resonate and engage the community into action. People like P'Kob continue to inspire us - and we hope that her story can also inspire you to go green, your way!

Get involved!

Challenge duration: 21 August - 30 September 2023

Anyone can join the challenge. All you need to do is follow these 3 easy steps:

Follow us on Instagram

Follow on Instagram and check out P'Kob's video.

Tell your story

Show a day in your life living sustainably or how you wish to live sustainably.

  • Be as creative as you want! A vlog of you taking the bus or growing your own food, a photo of your reusable belongings—it's all up to you!

  • Videos or photos can be in English and/or Thai.

Inspire others

Share your story on social media and use #pkobchallenge and #sidekickasia.

  • Don't forget to make your post public. Sidekick will repost your stories throughout our social media channels (with your permission).

Check out how P'Kob does it

If you're not sure where to start or would like to try out different ways to be eco-friendly, here's a few examples! From reusable utensils to public transportation - take inspiration from a day in P'Kob's life.


3 winners will be selected by P'Kob at the end of this challenge.

Each winner will receive ​a handmade "Special Sustainable Gift Set" from the People Forest Facebook page. The set comprises the following products:


Smoked wooden plate and utensils


Smoked wooden pouch


Smoked bamboo mug

*For more information on the People Forest, you can visit their page here:


Pahol takes sustainable fashion to the next level!

Pahol is a senior Mass Media Studies student at Thammasat University who, outside of school, is training to be a fashion model and hopes to share his love for mixing and matching unique outfits to the world! 


Check out his video above to see him merge sustainability and fashion, and don't forget to follow him on Instagram.

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Muay finds joy in reusing simple products!

Muay is in her Senior year at Thammasat University, studying in the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication. On top of her passion for singing, dancing, and playing the guitar, Muay is an active member of Thammasat's TUTV Gen9 public relations club, where she often MCs for events.


Watch her video above to see how she incorporates easy eco-friendly practices into her day! Show your support and follow her on Instagram.

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Potae goes eco-friendly during his internship!

Potae is in his Senior year at Chulalongkorn University's Faculty of Communication Arts, Majoring in Speech Communication. Known for his energetic personality, you're likely to find Potae participating in fun activities like directing Lakorn Nitade Chula 66 (musical theater) and MCing during school events! 

See Potae discover ways to go green with his jam-packed schedule. Join him on his journey and follow him on Instagram.

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