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Sidekick believes that, together, we can make social change that is impactful and long lasting. That’s why we continue to build a network of communicators, from students to experienced professionals, who are passionate about developing solutions that are fun, engaging and can influence change.

Want to know more? Our team recently sat down with three of our incredible interns who have successfully transitioned into full-time employees to address some frequently asked questions about working at Sidekick. 

Check out the full interview above to hear Bunny, Emily, and Hannah share their experience.

Why Sidekick?

Hybrid work. We alternate between working from home and from the office throughout the week. This gives us the space to work in a way that's comfortable, but also allows the team to come together for deeper discussions when needed.

International environment. Collaborate with English-speaking colleagues and work with clients from around the world to develop unique projects.

Training & mentorship. We provide the tools and training you need to adjust to our work and our culture. Continuous mentorship is also provided. You are not alone, we are all constantly learning!

Join our Team!

Event and Activity Organizer/Coordinator


We are currently seeking passionate and dynamic event organisers to join our team and be part of an exciting project that aims to enhance the communication skills of Thai youth with support from the Thai Health Promotion Foundation (สสส.)

Researcher/Content Creator


We are urgently looking for info-hounds. Someone with a passion for data, excellent in conducting interviews and developing content.

Video Content Creator 


We are looking for creative and savvy video content creators and editors with a passion for capturing stories and moments.

Graphic Designer

We are looking for talented graphic designers who are eager to create social change through creative visuals.

Media and Campaigns Intern (Paid Internship)

A young dynamic self-starter who can contribute to our team of storytellers and media professionals in a meaningful way.

The Hiring Process

1. Submit your application. Follow the application steps for your desired position and submit the required documents. We encourage you to look at our past work to learn more about our company and our values.

2. Interviews & test assignments. After internal revision of your application, you may receive an email to schedule a virtual interview (up to 2 rounds, depending on the role). Additionally, you may be asked to do a test assignment that showcases your capabilities and creativity.

3. Decision. You will receive an email on our decision once your test and application has been thoroughly reviewed.

4. Onboarding. If you have been formally offered a position, a mentor will guide you to ensure a smooth transition. Welcome to the team.

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