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According to the studies published by Safe Cities for Women network in collaboration with top universities in Thailand, 45% of female mass transit users surveyed had experienced sexual harassment.

The "Butt In" campaign was launched by Safe Cities for Women to end sexual violence on public transport.


Launch of ‘Buttin’

An immersive experience equipped with plays, performances and virtual reality videos designed specifically to translate statistics, problems and solutions into stories and action showing how ‘bystanders’ can help.

All major mass media outlets provided coverage of the launch, kick-starting the campaign and promoting interest among the public.

Ending Sexual Violence Against Women on Publc Transport Bangkok

The hashtags gained popularity as models, actors and actresses, DJs, and social media influencers showed their support of the campaign by sharing their personal stories and experiences through their social channels. We also organised Facebook live interviews which resulted in greater mass media coverage.

The Transport Minister met with the Safe Cities for Women network and agreed to champion the campaign, asking each department to support the cause.

Launch of the volunteer ‘Buttin Team’

Within a month 800 every-day people joined ‘Buttin Team’ with the goal to work together to stop sexual violence.

Led by Asia’s Next Top Model judge, Cindy Bishop, the Buttin Team learned techniques from experts on how to keep themselves and others around them safe in a Self Defense Lab.


The Buttin Team also met with the Trans-provincial coach authorities.

The organization, which is in charge of regulating all coaches throughout the country, showed full support for the campaign by agreeing to:

  1. Train all staff

  2. Install CCTVs in all coaches they operate

  3. Hotlines displayed predominantly on all coaches

  4. Buttin Awareness videos shown on all coaches

Learn more about the #Buttin campaign and download your very own handbook at this link:

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