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Communications & Design Studio
for Social Good 

Sidekick started in 2014 with an experienced team of designers and communicators who have collectively been working across Asia connecting with audiences and igniting conversations around social change.


Creative Production & Visual DesigN

We are experts in turning complex information into valuable insights. Our videos, films, documentaries, animation, television programs, graphics, publications and events are not only simple yet meaningful; visually stunning and action-provoking.

Our award-winning videos, documentaries and animations have been seen by millions and have played a vital role in sparking interest among both the general public and policymakers around urgent social issues.


Additionally, we collaborate with organisations such as BBC Media Action, Internews and other non-profit media agencies to provide training for local civil society networks in the region.

This training equips them with the skills and expertise needed to effectively communicate their stories to a diverse range of stakeholders through high-quality, well-executed content.

Impact Sector Virtual Event Consultant

We also design tailor made end-to-end virtual event solutions and UI/UX digital engagement strategies for impact sector companies and organisations. Introduce technological innovation to solve everyday communication challenges, bridging the gap between virtual teams across the Asia Pacific Region. 

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public engagement & behavior change

We focus on reducing the barriers to taking action through interventions that emphasise people’s needs and wants. 

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  • Embracing a new behaviour is therefore less unfamiliar but aligns with existing values and ideas shaped by a person’s early life experience, education, critical thinking, affinity and identity. 

  • While our approach to advocacy campaigns is about expanding allies and broadening support beyond existing networks. Through creative behavioural intervention that speaks to people’s shared goals and values, we are able to change the dynamic of public engagement.

  • As designers, we rely on data to solve problems and find solutions. Therefore our toolset is based on research; quantitative and qualitative studies that go beyond audience behaviour but we seek to find what influences individuals to do what they do.

  • And…each year we organise several national and regional workshops as well as offer consultancy services for grassroots campaigners and youth advocates to local & international non-profit organisations, UN Agencies and intergovernmental organisations such as ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations).  

Together with our unique understanding of the social and cultural complexities within the Asian region and the commitment to the people first approach, our interventions meet real users' needs and solve the most pressing social problems.

our partners

We’ve been the creative partner for nonprofit organisations, NGOs, social enterprises, foundations, intergovernmental organisations and UN agencies since 2014.


case studies

Ending Violence
Against Women

Safe Cities for Women launched an immersive campaign to end sexual violence on public transport

Net to Napkin

Ending human trafficking through transparent supply chains and sustainable consumption

Going Beyond the Urban
Thai Middle Class

A research exploring possible opportunities and approaches to shift public opinions around refugees and migrants

Migrants and Music

SideKick conducted a study on the media consumption patterns of migrant workers and how to best influence change

Asia-Pacific Ministerial Conference: BEIJING+25 REVIEW

Commemorating the 16 days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence with Asia-Pacific Leaders

Equality and Inclusion

Promoting sexual and gender diversity for 2019 International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia

Because Education Matters

Transforming the Bangkok Arts and Culture Center into a school for refugee children.

Bangkok River Fair

Amplifying Bangkokians' strive for sustainable and inclusive development of the river 

7 Percent Project

Creating awareness for helmet usage when riding motorcycles, with a focus on child safety

Digital Literacy

Developing research-based content to raise awareness of online dangers.

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The Kris Condominium

Building 1, Ratchada Soi 17,




Tel:  +66 (0)817014027

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