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data driven storytelling workshop

In collaboration with Winrock International and USAID, Sidekick organised an engaging two-day Data-Driven Storytelling workshop for local CSOs dedicated to migrant protection and anti-human trafficking. This hands-on event saw over 20 organisations across Thailand coming together to enhance their skills in communicating stories through data and storytelling. 

youth beyond borders campaigning workshop

Sidekick was thrilled to lead a storytelling and campaigning workshop for Kenan Foundation Asia's Youth Beyond Borders Program. Young people from across Asia gathered to learn storytelling techniques and how to develop impactful social change campaigns, promoting conflict resolutions for the causes they are passionate about. 

sidekick workshop.png
sidekick workshop (1).png

photostory workshop

part of the intergenerational campaign "prasopkarn"

Sidekick kicked off Prasopkarn with an exciting photostory workshop, bringing people of all ages together through their love for photography. Our participants engaged in collaborative learning and experiential activities by the scenic Chao Phraya River. 

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