“We develop media campaigns that are newsworthy and engaging with the goal to motivate people to take action for social change.”

SideKick is a Bangkok-based creative and media agency for social change. We research, identify and develop media campaigns that give disenfranchised communities a voice and mobilize the public on issues they care about most.

Our team of Thai and ASEAN communications experts and media researchers work with charities, Non Profit Organizations (NGOs), and companies to craft campaigns that drive media coverage and engage decision makers by utilizing traditional, digital and social media engagement tools.

Our unique understanding of the local markets together with our experience in working with international companies and organizations, helps us deliver campaigns that speak directly to the audience while never losing sight of the core message, every time.


    We help you craft media and marketing campaigns that cut through. Using data-driven, human-centered approaches, our campaigns aim to create authentic relationships with the public, inspiring them towards supporting a cause, and encouraging behavior and policy change. We incorporate branding, digital graphics and media with our unique knowledge in social media and social change mobilisation to help you create campaigns that have the strongest impact.


    You launched a campaign, but it’s not generating enough “buzz” or visibility. You have a story to tell but are not quite sure how to creatively publicize it. We can help bring your social impact stories to life through powerful publications, visual graphics, video & photo documentaries as well as creative fundraising for nonprofits. We specialise in engaging communications strategy and delivering your stories to mainstream media, helping create positive word of mouth through community building and influencer engagement by utilizing social media, public events and PR tools.


    Have a great idea, but not sure how to localize it? Want to launch a campaign or establish your nonprofit brand but don’t understand the market? SideKick provides consulting services and advice to help you listen and understand your audience. Through research and analysis, thorough market research, workshops and focus groups, we can get you ready so that you can take that next big step with confidence.


    There are just not enough media and digital savvy campaigners out there in Southeast Asia. We want to help change that. Through our training and mentoring program, we want to help build a network of social impact organizations throughout the region. Our program not only supports companies and organizations, but we also offer training

    courses to clubs and the general public.