Cause-Driven Digital Marketing Manager


  • Monitor and manage multiple campaigns simultaneously, participating in all levels of a project

  • Manage our fundraising for non-profits portfolio

  • See the big picture of campaigns and projects and delegate tasks to in-house team members and freelancers

  • Turn client briefs into detailed project plans and proposals

  • Understand the different aspects of a successful, engaging campaign 

  • Motivate and direct the project team



  • At least three years of experience in media and marketing team management

  • Experience in and knowledge of social and online media landscape, platforms, and their participants, always staying up-to-date with latest trends

  • Highly organised with ability to manage and monitor teams, campaigns, schedules, budgets and effectively delegate tasks

  • Ability to independently manage the day-to-day running and workflow of multiple projects simultaneously and track the progress of the team and campaign

  • Outstanding interpersonal and time-management skills

  • Languages: Thai and English

Technology has brought us closer together than ever before. Our region, Southeast Asia, has become one of the most connected regions in the world with many of its member countries topping global charts for time spent and mobile payments made online. 


While plenty are using technology for commerce and entertainment, there are also more people than any other time in history maximising ‘tech’ and ‘digital’ mediums to promote and create social change. 


Through our media campaigns, Sidekick is mobilizing hundreds of thousands of people in Thailand and across the region in support of nonprofits, UN agencies and Social Enterprises working on causes ranging from climate change, access to education, and animal rights to human trafficking and sexual harassment.

Data driven digital and social media campaigns have become instrumental to everything we do and as the Cause-driven Digital Marketing Manager, we are looking for you to help us make strategic decisions with a real social impact. We are looking for someone who can help lead our start-up to the next level.

To apply, email your CV and a cover to

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