Our Work

  • ‘Butt in’ campaign

    the ‘Buttin’ campaign was launched to end sexual violence on public transport, after studies by Safe Cities for Women network together with Thailand’s top universities found that 45% of female mass transit users surveyed had experienced sexual harassment.   Launch of ‘Buttin’ An immersive experienced equipped with plays, performances and virtual reality videos designed specifically

  • Community Forest – Influencing the Urban

    RECOFTC – The Center for People and Forests – believes that local communities hold the key to a healthy forest…

  • Only 7% wear helmets

    More than 1.3 million children travel on motorcycles every day in Thailand but only 7% wear helmets…

  • Finding the Right Tone and Voice

    Interview with Amnesty Thailand’s Activism Officer, Nawaphon Supawitkul, on how a ‘SideKick’ workshop help inspire the team…

  • Preparing Myanmar’s Workforce for the Journey Home

    We recently worked with IRC in Thailand to design the organization’s first ever brochure…

  • “Even It Up”

    Stunning info-graphics to launch Oxfam’s global campaign against inequality in Bangkok.

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